Fiberforce® Equestrian Geotextiles

The Fiberforce® range of geotextiles has been developed to provide long lasting performance in all types of equestrian arenas and gallops and is compatible with all types of riding surfaces including silica sands.

The unique manufacturing process both needle punches and thermally bonds the fibres that make up Fiberforce® Equestrian Geotextiles. This combination creates a geotextile with an increased flow rate for drainage and a very fine pore size to prevent clogging, ideal for use with silica sand riding surfaces.
The total cost of a typical (800m2) 40m x 20m arena is often in excess of £10,000. Whilst the cost of Fiberforce® geotextiles represents a small fraction of the overall cost, they play a vital part in the performance and longevity of the riding surface.

GradeIntensity LevelRoll size
Fiberforce® ArenaStandard2.2m x 100m

5.5m x 100m

Fiberforce® ExtraIntermediate5.5m x 100m
Fiberforce® PremiumHigh2.75m x 40m

2.75m x 80m

5.5m x 80m

Fiberforce® SelectProfessional6m x 150m


For more information on Fiberforce® Geotextiles or for pricing enquiries please contact 01455 617139