Equestrian Arenas

When constructing an arena, maintaining or repairing existing equestrian arenas changing the flooring can fast become a costly and frustrating experience for the owner. The key to any project is planning, good products and advice. Geosynthetics can offer its equestrian clients all three. The Fiberforce® range delivers the strength and reliability required for any arena or gallop regardless of size or intensity use the arena receives.

The Fiberforce® range of geotextiles offer increased flow rates to aid drainage of the gallop or arena. They also have been purposely manufactured to feature very small pore sizes to prevent clogging and to ensure that they work well with trusted brands silica type of sands. Geosynthetics technical sales team offer support and guidance on all equestrian projects to ensure that customers receive the perfect solution.

For more information on how Geosynthetics can help with your equestrian arena please contact the sales office on 01455 617139 or email sales@geosyn.co.uk.

Benefits of using Geosynthetics Fiberforce®:

  • Long lasting performance
  • Perfect solutions for all types of Equestrian arenas and gallops
  • Increase flow rates for drainage
  • Very small pore size prevents clogging
  • Ideal for use in combination with silica sand riding surfaces