Temporary Working Areas

Creating temporary working areas within tree root protection areas (RPAs) raises a number of complications in terms of compaction. BS:5837:2012 stipulates that “New temporary ground protection should be capable of supporting any traffic entering or using the site without being distorted or causing compaction of underlying soil”. Geosynthetics Cellweb®TRP system is specifically designed to prevent root severance and to significantly reduce the risk of compaction of soils within RPAs. Combining this with our Treetex Pollution Control Geotextile ensures that the tree roots are left undamaged by the effects of temporary working areas, as well as preventing pollutants and heavy metals from entering the root bed.

Cellweb®TRP has been used successfully since 1998 for the construction of new hard surfaces within RPAs in accordance with BS:5837:2012. For this reason it has increasingly become the system of choice for specifiers and local authorities who need a reliable solution to temporary ground protection during construction and demolition.

Geosynthetics Tree Root Protection Specialists combined with our fully qualified in-house Civil Engineers provide complementary site specific technical recommendations and educational seminars on the use of Cellweb®TRP as a temporary working area in a tree root protection area. If you would like further any information or would like to book a seminar today, please contact our sales team on 01455 617139 or email sales@geosyn.co.uk.

Benefits of using Cellweb®TRP in temporary working areas:

  • The only established Guaranteed system on the market
  • Independent testing
  • Complies with BS:5837:2012
  • 100% success rate
  • Full technical support from our Tree Root Protection Team
  • Technical Recommendations from qualified Civil Engineers
  • Extensive bank of case studies
  • Educational Seminars