Silt Stop Premium and High Flow Silt Fences

Our Silt Stop range consists of Premium and High Flow Silt Fences which offer a temporary sediment control device used on construction sites. The Silt Fence also known as “filter fence” protects water quality in nearby streams, rivers, lakes and seas from sediment (lose soil) in stormwater run-off areas, trapping harmful silt through settlement and filtration before it leaves the site. Pollution can also be caused from disturbed bare ground that is vulnerable to weather erosion.

See our specifications below for both Premium and HighFlow Fences:

SpecificationSilt Stop PremiumSilt Stop High Flow
Tensile Strength22kN/m32kN/m
Puncture Resistance



(ISO 11058)

21 I/m2.s (45 I/m2.s to AS 3706.9)190 I/m2.s
Opening Size

(ISO 11058)

Material1000µ thick,green/black, 400kLy
UV stabilised, polypropylene, tear
resistant non-fraying edges.
500µ thick, green/black 450kLy UV stabilised, polyethylene,
tear resistant non-fraying edges.
Roll Size0.75 x 100m1.00 x 100m
Other key featuresFibrous weft yarn, burial depth and
max silt height marker lines, top tying-off + tension ribbon.


Silt Stop Premium and HighFlow is made from special high quality, permeable, technical filter fabrics that can be installed as an entrenched vertical barrier fence. The woven structures have tear resistant non-fraying reinforced edges, that are durable and reliable as they are self-supporting between fixing posts.  Silt Stop resists ultraviolet deterioration, rotting, biological degradation, naturally encountered basics and acids.

Silt Stop Premium is a high quality woven polypropylene geotextile made of 100% polypropylene staple fibres which provides excellent tensile strength and low elongation. The special fibrous weft yarn, combined with the high-quality weave enhances filtration.

The Silt Stop High Flow is a polyethylene product which has similar benefits, but designed to use in areas of High Flow water to maintain its purpose.

Features of Silt Stop

  • Enhances filtration
  • Maintains flow
  • Minimises clogging
  • High quality weave
  • High tensile and burst strengths
  • Premium UV stabilisation
  • Non-Fraying reinforced edges
  • Extremely durable

In 2007 The Environmental Agency published Pollution Prevention Guidelines 5 (PPG5) on “Works and maintenance in or near water.”

Point 2.1c states that “Exposed ground and stockpiles use silt fences at the toe of the slope, made from geotextiles, to reduce silt transport.”

These guidelines are being enforced in many areas and will overtime become a legislation, therefore taking this into consideration now will assist in future projects.

As we are becoming more environmentally friendly the legislations are being forced on construction sites. Guidelines are available to download and Installation guide.

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