Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs)

Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) and other types of planning conditions protect trees throughout the UK. Tree Preservation Orders cause Planners and Contractors to carefully consider their plans and methods of construction in order to protect themselves and others from possible prosecution or enforcement action. Any damage to the trees roots or compaction to the surrounding ground can have devastating consequences on the tree.

Cellweb®TRP is the only tree root protection system in the UK which has been independently tested to reduce compaction and allow the continuation of root development.  Cellweb®TRP will protect tree roots whilst maintaining the aesthetics of wooded areas and enabling development and access roads/ footpaths through Root Protection Areas (RPAs) catering to construction traffic. The Tree Root Protection Team at Geosynthetics offer customers constant support throughout the project from the initial design stage, through to installation. They can offer advice, on-site support and technical recommendations for all sites with TPOs in place.

Geosynthetics Tree Root Protection Specialists combined with fully qualified in-house Civil Engineers provide complementary site specific technical recommendations and educational seminars on Tree Preservation Orders and the  Cellweb®TRP system. If you would like further any information or would like to book a seminar today, please contact our sales team on 01455 617139 or email

Benefits of using Geosynthetics TRP solutions: