Contamination Indicators

With government policy leading to an increase in brownfield development the concern of contaminated soil is becoming more common. Once remediation has taken place a contamination indicator must be laid prior to clean imported fill being brought in. In this case it is vital that adequate warning is put into place to warn anyone carrying out future excavations.

Used in applications across the UK, Alert® Contamination Indicator has been designed to be clearly seen as a warning indicator fabric. The product is manufactured from polypropylene tapes with excellent strength and elongation properties ensuring it provides a long lasting and effective solution.

For more information on contamination indicators and how Alert® could benefit any of your projects please contact Geosynthetics sales team on 01455 617139 or email

Benefits of using Contamination Indicators:

  • Perfect for use on Brownfield development
  • Long lasting and vibrant warning colouring
  • Large rolls for fast coverage
  • High strength