Televev Polyester Geotextiles

Televev Polyester Geotextiles is a range of polyester woven geotextiles, offering high strength at low elongation and with strengths of up to 1000kN/m. Televev provides solutions to the toughest reinforcement applications and is utilised in a range of engineered solutions.

Televev can be used as soil reinforcement within several application areas and is suitable for use under extremely high loads and coarse material i.e. embankments and basal reinforcement. It is also used where the design life requirement is 120 years (DMRB – Design manual for roads and bridges).

Used as a reinforcement layer, Televev geotextiles prevent the construction layers from mixing with potentially damaging soft sub grade, increasing the strength of the granular layers and soil platforms, thereby preventing the premature failure of the construction. Televev offers a great advantage where both high-strength reinforcement and separation are needed.


  • Stabilisation
  • Separation
  • Reinforcement
  • Drainage
  • Filtration


  • Coastal defence works
  • Reinforced soil structures
  • Retaining walls and steep slopes
  • Embankments over soft sub-soil
  • Embankments over piles
  • Load transfer platforms
  • Roadways

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