Geoglas® Asphalt Reinforcement

Geoglas® Asphalt Reinforcement is a polymer coated glass-fibre grid for asphalt reinforcement. Its main application is in highway re-surfacing to prevent reflective cracking and extend the life of new bituminous layers. The installation of Geoglas® reinforces the pavement and inhibits crack formation, so the durability of the surface and road is extended.

Extensive research by major road laboratories in Europe have demonstrated the benefits of Geoglas® to eliminate or retard reflective cracking, reduce rutting and extend fatigue life of a pavement. Geoglas® works by preventing strains in the asphalt from reaching a critical level. Laid within an asphalt/bitmac surface Geoglas® provides the three essentials; reinforcement, sealing and good inter-layer bonding. Geoglas® is the cost effective solution to surface or road strengthening.

Geoglas® is compatible with all types of surfacing, including modern thin asphaltic concrete. Geoglas® can be used with a minimum 70mm overlay thickness and SBS modified binders.

Properties of Geoglas®:

  • Polymer impregnated glass fibre grid
  • Maximum elongation 3.5%
  • High temperature resistance (800deg C)
  • High Tensile and tear resistance
  • Creep resistant


  • New Roads
  • Crack Prevention and Repair

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