Golpla® Grass & Gravel Reinforcement

Golpla® is designed to retain gravel and reinforce grass for a wide range of applications. Manufactured to interlock with hooks and eyes, this assists the installer in maintaining line and level for a simple installation. The system is ideal for general trafficking use and for all forms of architectural landscaping. The configuration of hexagonal cells coupled with the use of high-density plastics allows for a reduction of wall thickness, resulting in a high-strength structure, which is visually unobtrusive: 95% of the surface area available for infill.

Key applications:

  • Footpaths
  • Cycle paths
  • Access roads
  • Car parks
  • Caravan and campsites
  • Sports facilities
  • Emergency access*
  • Wheelchair access

Features and benefits:

  • Pre-Grown grass option
  • Range of colour options
  • 95% infill area
  • High infiltration and SUDs
  • compliant
  • Rapid, reduced-dig options
  • Demarcation inserts available
  • Contains recycled plastic
  • Minimal simple maintenance

*Depends on application, contact Geosynthetics Ltd for advice. Not suitable for Quicklay®


Golpla® Pre-Grown system

Encouraging grass growth is essential to success. Uniquely within the grass reinforcement industry, Geosynthetics Ltd supply units Pre-Grown with established grass. Produced to order, Golpla® Pre-Grown contains 4 types of grass as standard but can be made-to-order with specific varieties to suit any application (terms and conditions apply). Orders for Golpla® Pre-Grown are processed to synchronise with the site installation schedules so that the right quantities of palletised product are available.

In a matter of weeks (not months as with seed) Golpla® Pre-Grown is ready for use. It helps contractors to complete the work faster and gives clients the instant aesthetics from day one.

Golpla® Pre-Grown is only available in units’ size 640mm x 330m x 38mm deep and can be used for conventional installations, as well as the Golpla® Quicklay® solution.

Key Benefits

  • Mature grass from day one
  • Reduces construction time
  • Can be installed all year round
  • Ready for use in shorter time frames
  • Reduces post installation maintenance


Golpla® Quicklay® solution

 Developed by Geosynthetics Ltd to reduce sub-base depths. Sites must be for occasional use with firm, well-draining ground and a high CBR strength (6-8%). Engineering advice is available.

Quicklay® construction requires minimal excavation, often just the existing surface vegetation and some topsoil. This can be used on site instead of removal to tip and reduces disposal costs.

The Quicklay® Geogrid is installed beneath a coarse grit sand or Rootzone. Golpla® units are then positioned, secured and filled with soil and seed, a 6-10mm angular gravel or alternatively Golpla® Pre-Grown units. Depending on the layout, the edges can be retained by back filling with soil or held in place with treated timbers.

Key Benefits

  • Great for occasional use areas
  • Minimal surface excavation
  • Reduced construction depths and installation time
  • Cost savings on disposal of waste
  • Minimal maintenance



Below is a short video showing Golpla® Pre-Grown being installed in a Car Park at the Valley of The Rocks in Devon.

If you would like more information or for site specific project design information please call our sales department on 01455 617139