Drainage Solutions

Drainage solutions from Geosynthetics Limited include a range of solutions from simple traditional French Drains, modern Drainage Geocomposites, SHW fin drains and Green roofing systems.

Geosynthetics Limited Duodrain® range can be used as a solution in several applications from subbase drainage under permeable paving systems and as back of wall drainage in retaining wall solutions to being used horizontally for podium decks.  Duodrain® also features heavily in our designs for retaining walls where it is situated at the back of a reinforced slope or wall to allow a drainage point.

RoofCell is a lightweight, high strength, interlocking module that provides excellent sub-soil drainage and water storage for roof gardens, planters and landscaped decks. As well as improving the appearance of buildings, green roofs give architects and landscape gardeners many more benefits.

For more information on the Drainage Solutions that Geosynthetics can offer please contact 01455 617139 or email sales@geosyn.co.uk.

Benefits of using Geosynthetics Drainage Solutions:

  • Wide product range incorporating several drainage solutions available off the shelf
  • Extensive knowledge and history  working with drainage applications
  • Complementary technical recommendations from Civil Engineers
  • Incorporation of drainage into solutions.