Landlok Erosion Control

Geosynthetics Limited also offer permanent solutions for Erosion Control applications. The Landlok Erosion Control Range incorporates a mixture of products providing suitable protection for different extents of Erosion. Landlok offers a Green alternative to concrete solutions and is aesthetically pleasing in natural settings.

Landlok Erosion Control permanent range encompasses both 1st and 2nd generation turf reinforcement mats. Unlike erosion control blankets, Landlok® TRM’s are non degradable and when vegetated, will provide twice the erosion protection of vegetation alone.

Using a permanent erosion control blanket allows significant cost savings as an alternative to rock slope protection and soil nailing with shotcrete.

ProductSuggested UseVelocity Sheer Stress
Landlok 450Moderate flow channels5.5m/sVeg. 479 Pa
Pyramat 25High-flow storm water channels6.10 m/sVeg. 575 Pa
Pyramat Demanding slopes and storm water channel applications7.6m/sVeg. 766 Pa
AmormaxCombines  Pyramat with anchors to lock soil in place in high flow areas.7.6m/sVeg. 766 Pa


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