Velocity Slope Erosion

With national weather becoming more and more volatile the importance of good slope erosion control measures are significant in ensuring the protection of slopes across the UK. Geosynthetics provides a range of products for erosion control including biodegradable solutions for low velocity areas to permanent high velocity protection. To ensure the best product is selected every time Geosynthetics technical sales and Engineering team can provide complementary advice and technical recommendations.

For sites with low flow velocities various products are available dependent on the slope angle. East Coast biodegradable matting provides customers with an option for slopes that require some help initially whilst vegetation grows. The East Coast range can also be supplied pre-seeded for sites that require a vegetated face quickly.

Following on from this Geosynthetics offers more permanent solutions such as Landlok Turf Reinforcement Matting which can range in intensity for sites that require a permanent solution to erosion. Pyramat is used on sites which require stronger matting due to it being a high velocity area. The matting can then be adapted into Armormax System which incorporates an anchoring system for slopes with a very high velocity rate. To ensure the customers’ requirements are met every time Geosynthetics also supply a range of concrete shuttering products such as Flexitex and Telebags for areas where Turf Reinforcement Matting is not suitable.

As specialists in soil reinforcement Geosynthetics can also offer support and guidance on creating slopes with erosion control measures incorporated including the use of Strataweb cellular confinements system and Rockbox Gabions.

For more information on the Erosion Control products offered by Geosynthetics or for advise on constructing slopes please contact the sales off on 01455 617139 or email Geosynthetics also offers a training seminar relating to erosion control on slopes please click here for more information.

Benefits of using Geosynthetics Limited for Slope Erosion Applications:

  • Wide range of products available to suit all applications
  • Specialist Geotechnical Engineering advice
  • All levels of Erosion Control solutions available
  • Complementary technical recommendations
  • Extensive experience and case studies
  • Training seminars