Flexitex and Telebags

Flexitex is a double woven textile shuttering for erosion control and underwater concrete work. Made of high-strength polyamide or polyester yarn, using Flexitex reduces installation times offering a cost effective solution for a range of water-side applications.

Flexitex Range:

Flexitex with rectangular filter points:

The double-weave mattress has been woven together at regular points which act as a filter to even out water pressure.

Flexitex with distance threads:

This mattress has no filter points. The upper and lower sections are connected by means of spacing yarns to ensure that the concrete-filled mattress is of even thickness.

Flexitex sacks and bags:

Sacks and bags can be prefabricated for specific applications. Inlet points for pumping in concrete can be positioned on the Flexitex units to order.


  • Cost effective solution compared to traditional concrete made reinforcements
  • Easy installation following the geographical contours
  • Fast installation times up to 700m2 per day


  • Harbour walls
  • River bank stabilisation
  • Steep slopes
  • Reservoir and dams
  • Coastal defence works
  • Recasting of and repairs to piles
  • Pipe support and coverings
  • Silt bags and containers for underwater concrete works

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