Cellweb® Tree Root Protection (TRP)

Cellweb®TRP is the only cellular confinement system specifically designed and sold for tree root protection applications. The unique cell size, cell depth and cell wall perforations combine to create the market leading tree root protection system.

Cellweb®TRP is a no-dig solution that ensures that the loads placed upon it are laterally dissipated rather than transferred to the soil and roots below. The walls of the cells are perforated and when combined with the infill of clean angular stone, enable free movement of water and oxygen, ensuring that nutrient supplies to the tree roots are maintained.

Using the Cellweb®TRP no-dig solution within the root protection area (RPA) can reduce sub base depths by up to 50%, providing further cost savings. Cellweb® TRP also effectively prevents surface rutting; optimising long term performance and aesthetics of the final surface.

Furthermore Cellweb® Tree Root Protection System complies with BS5837:2012, APN 12 and tree preservation order (TPO) guidelines.  It is also recommended and adopted for use in root protection areas (RPA’s) by councils all over the UK.

Cellweb®TRP is the only guaranteed cellular confinement system available today. It is also the only system to have been independently tested and proven to prevent compaction of the sub-soils and roots. Customers have been using the system since 1998 without failure.

Benefits of using Cellweb®TRP:


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