Site Access Routes

Cold months combined with wet weather make access into site problematic and more costly than anticipated. When you consider the delays this can cause and the extra costs that an unreinforced stone solution can impose. Geosynthetics Limited’s diverse range of products enables customers to achieve a cost effective access solution and remove this risk through the use of a reinforced temporary road.

Combining high strength geogrids which provides structure and weight dispersion of the roadway with our highly permeable geotextiles allows customers to access sites throughout the year. Geosynthetics Limited has experience in creating access routes throughout the UK including hard to reach windfarm sites in the remotest of locations.

Geosynthetics Limited also specialise in creating safe and stable access routes through tree root protection areas in line with BS:5837:2012. The in house Tree Root Protection Team can arrange for a specialist in tree health to attend site and offer the best solution which avoids damaging the trees health.

For technical advice or to find out more information on the access road solutions Geosynthetics can provide please contact 01455 617139 or email

Benefits of using Geosynthetics for Reinforced Road Solutions:

  • Avoids delays to site
  • Extensive experience utilising site won materials
  • Complementary Engineering Support
  • Tree root protection specialists
  • Free educational seminars