Tenax Geogrids

Recognised as world leading geogrids, Tenax LBO and TT ranges have a reputation for excellence. Used in a range of different applications, Tenax biaxial and uniaxial geogrids provide strong and durable options for reinforcement.

Our in house engineering team regularly recommend the use of Tenax Geogrids for a wide range of different applications. Tenax TT geogrids are recommended throughout reinforced soil wall and slope applications. The flexible geogrid provides the perfect solution to intertwine with existing soil to create a stable wall which can be faced to suit the customer’s needs.
The Tenax LBO biaxial geogrids are used primarily for reinforcement on roads which need to take heavy traffic, piling mats and working platforms. Combined with Ekotex non woven geotextile or Rhyno woven geotextiles, dependant on application, Tenax provides consistent results every time.

Tenax TT (Uniaxial) Applications:

Tenax LBO HM (Biaxial) Applications:

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