Acoustic Bunds

One important consideration at planning stage is noise pollution. A well-known method of reducing this noise pollution is the use of acoustic bunds. These mounds of soil usually feature at the boundary of a site, with the aim of creating a barrier between a site and the noise-sensitive properties on the other side. Being soil reinforcement specialists Geosynthetics Limited offers the full package to create stable and safe acoustic bunds.

With experience working on acoustic bunds surrounding projects such as Airports, Railway sidings and Waste Treatment areas, Geosynthetics in house Civil Engineers provide complementary technical recommendations. Combining high strength Tenax and Stratagrid geogrids with site won materials allows customers to reduce material movements whilst creating a sustainable structure.

For more information on building an acoustic bund or to book a training seminar on the subject with one of our Civil Engineers please contact the sales office on 01455 617139 or email

Benefits of using Geosynthetics Acoustic Bund Solutions:

  • Reduction in material movements
  • Range of facing options
  • Utilises site won materials
  • Full technical support from Civil Engineers
  • Free educational seminars