East Coast Erosion Control

Geosynthetics Limited offers a complete range of biodegradable ECB’s (Erosion Control Blankets) which are designed to provide slope protection whilst vegetation is establishing. The East Coast Erosion Control Range out performs alternative biodegradable solutions in the market.

The East Coast erosion control range of blankets provide slope protection whilst natural vegetation is establishing for use on slopes up to 45o. The products have a reputation for being high quality and reliable throughout the world.

Geosynthetics Limited can also supply pre-seeded erosion control matting as part of the East Coast Erosion Control range. This specialist feature enables the sites slope to speed up the process of vegetation allowing for a quicker and aesthetically pleasing solution.

ProductFunctional LongevityMaterialSheer stress
ECSC-224 Months70% Agricultural straw and 30% Coconut fibreUnveg. 2.02 psf
ECC-236 Months100% CoconutUnveg. 2.3 psf
ECC-2B24 Months100% CoconutUnveg. 2.25 psf
ECC-3>36 Months100% CoconutUnveg. 3.7 psf


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