Explosive Demolition Blast Wrap

Rhyno® Blast Wrap is used to achieve a satisfactory and safe end result to explosive demolition projects. One of the biggest considerations for Explosive Demolition contractors is safely containing the resulting debris and dust from contaminating surrounding areas and minimising the risk of flying concrete causing damage.

Rhyno® blast wrap has been the product of choice of numerous demolition contractors throughout UK and overseas since it came onto the market in 1998. Rhyno® is a cost-effective, strong and durable material constructed for optimum strength and puncture resistance.  Rhyno® Blast Wrap (GW8143/GW8161) continues to be in regular use on explosive blast demolition projects across the UK, providing clients with a safe and cost effective blast screen.

For more information on how Rhyno® Blast Wrap can be used on your next demolition project or to get a quote please contact the sales office on 01455 617139 or email  sales@geosyn.co.uk.

Benefits of using Geosynthetics Rhyno® Blast Wrap:

  • Tried and tested method of explosive blast wrapping
  • Strong, heavy duty materials
  • Range of grades and roll sizes