Rhyno® Woven Geotextiles

Since its introduction in 1999 Rhyno® has been helping contractors to reduce maintenance costs by extending the life of roadways, car parks, haulage yards, and a wide range of other heavy traffic areas. With its advanced weaving technology Rhyno® gives you the reliability and reassurance of one of the UK’s leading geotextile brands.

As the name suggests Rhyno® woven geotextiles are strong, robust and durable. Made from polypropylene tapes, the industry-leading design has created a geotextile that combines high tensile strength with exceptional puncture resistance to give outstanding performance and longevity.

Already proven across millions of square metres in the UK, Rhyno® reduces the degradation of any surface that relies on an aggregate sub base by distributing loads more evenly and reducing rutting. In addition, due to its resistance to all naturally occurring soil acids and alkalis, Rhyno® woven geotextiles can be relied upon to continue performing underground for many years.


  • Reinforcement
  • Stabilisation
  • Separation
  • Drainage


For more information on Rhyno® Geotextiles or for pricing enquiries please contact 01455 617139.