Paved and Unpaved Roads

Geosynthetic materials feature heavily in the construction of most roadways within the UK. Geosynthetics Limited specialise in providing technical support and calculations for all types of paved and unpaved roads. In house Engineers and technical sales teams have worked on large projects resolving a range of site specific requirements. From motorways and windfarm access routes to roads through tree root protection areas; Geosynthetics has a solution.

Access routes over soft subsoils can be difficult to achieve without importing vast quantities of stone at the expense of the client and the environment. Geosynthetics Civil Engineers can reduce the environmental impact and cost by minimising material movements. Geosynthetics also employ a team of Tree Root Protection specialists who provide guidance and support when building roads and access ways in tree root protection areas. Utilising products like Tenax, Stratagrid and Cellweb®TRP combined with Geotechnical experts allows for the best possible results every time.

Both the Civil Engineers and the Tree Root Protection team offer free technical advice and training seminars. To get a technical recommendation or to book a seminar please contact the sales office on 01455 617139 or email

Benefits of using Geosynthetics Road Solutions:

  • Wide selection of Tenax and Stratagrid geogrids to suit different site conditions and aggregates
  •  Extensive experience utilising site won materials to minimise material movements
  • Complementary Engineering Support to value engineer the most competitive solution
  • Tree root protection specialists for RPA’s
  • Free educational seminars