Rockbox Gabions & Mattresses

Geosynthetics Rockbox Gabions and Mattresses are wire mesh containers designed to provide a robust and attractive solution for erosion control, retaining walls, noise and flood protection bunds, channel and coastal protection. Geosynthetics Rockbox Gabions are delivered flat-packed with lacing wire (for tying the gabions together and for joints).

Permeability and flexibility make them a highly effective alternative to concrete or other solid structures and generally they are quicker to install and require less excavation.
Their flexibility means they remain structurally sound even during earth movement as well as being able to take their full load capacity immediately – unlike concrete which could take up to a month. Because they are highly permeable, RockBox gabions in conjunction with a non-woven geotextile for filtration, promote effective drainage by allowing the free movement of water and reducing waterlogged ground.

Filled with locally sourced materials they blend naturally into the surrounding landscape and planting can be encouraged for a more natural appearance. Alternatively you can try different colours and types of rock to create a feature or choose more environmentally-friendly options such as crushed concrete.

Geosynthetics RockBox Types:

Geosynthetics RockBox gabions are manufactured in a welded mesh and woven mesh, from galvanised or plastic-coated wire in 3mm, 4mm and 5mm gauges.

The galvanised units are coated to BSEN ISO 10244-2 and the plastic coated version offers even greater corrosion resistance with an impressive design life of up to 120 years – even in exposed conditions.

RockBox Welded Mesh Gabions: Mesh Size: 76mm x 76mm

RockBox Weldmesh gabions are widely considered the most aesthetically pleasing option and you’ll find them used extensively where a neat appearance and clean outline are important, such as public areas, housing developments, landscaping and gardens.

RockBox weldmesh gabions have a higher tensile strength than woven units and a much greater dimensional accuracy. Helical binders are available which are proven to offer superior joint strength over hog rings or lacing wire, resulting in a strong and long-lasting structure.

Rockbox Woven Mesh Gabions: Mesh Size: 100mm x 80mm

Advantages of using RockBox Gabions:

  • No hidden extras – includes tying wire for horizontal joints and
  • coupling units
  • 4mm wire helicals available
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Next day delivery
  • Technical recommendation service available from our engineering department
  • Full installation instructions provided


If you would like more information or for site specific project design information please call our sales department on 01455 617139