Strataweb Slope Stabilisation

Strataweb is a three-dimensional cellular confinement system manufactured from textured and perforated high-density polyethylene (HDPE) strips that are ultrasonically welded together to create a strong, lightweight expandable panel.

Extremely versatile and adaptable, Strataweb provides effective and economical solutions in a wide variety of applications including ground stabilisation for load support, erosion control and topsoil retention on slopes, retaining walls and channels.

Strataweb confines and reinforces vegetation on steep slopes by increasing the soils natural resistance to erosion and protects the root zone layer during germination. On non-vegetated slopes it helps prevent the migration of granular infill thus resulting in greater stability and aesthetics.

Its’ unique hoop strength and interconnecting cell walls form a durable composite mattress that can be filled with common materials. The perforated cell walls encourage lateral drainage and the textured walls increase frictional interlock, increasing the structural performance of the system.

Strataweb can be utilised for load distribution over weak soils or areas with poor drainage to create functional cost effective access roads, car park, driveways and platforms. It can be used for either temporary or permanent access with the option of a variety of surfaces to meet the sites requirements.  Strataweb can also be installed directly on the existing ground which can eliminate the costs associated with excavation.

Strataweb is the ideal solution for the most demanding erosion control and load support applications.


For more information on Strataweb or if you would like a site specific recommendation please contact the sales office on 01455 617139