Total Traffic Exopave (TTE®) – Heavy Duty Paver

Total Traffic Exopave (TTE®) is a Heavy Duty Paver designed for HGV use. In combining strength and versatility, TTE® is a unique permeable, heavy duty paving system. The interlocking pavers can withstand weight of up to 40 tonnes and can be filled with either grass or gravel infill. SuDS compliant, TTE® is the perfect heavy duty paver for permanent and overspill coach or HGV parking applications. This product is easy to install and offers significant savings over conventional cast concrete systems.

Unlike many of its competitors, Total Traffic Exopave (TTE®) has both high compressive strength and high shear strength. This enables Total Traffic Exopave (TTE®) to withstand much higher loading, accelerating, braking and turning forces than standard heavy duty pavers. The textured surface allows for improved grip and as a result improves user safety.

Features and benefits of TTE®:

  • Designed for use with HGV Traffic and textured surface for improved grip
  • High shear strength reduces limitations whilst accelerating, braking and turning
  • Easy to install and maintain and reduces sub base depths
  • Cost effective alternative to concrete and tarmac surfaces
  • High water permeability and a range of fill options
  • Sympathetic to the natural environment and wheelchair regulations compliant
  • Onsite support on the day of installation

TTE® Paving Bricks

TTE® Paving Bricks are an in-fill option for the Total Traffic Exopave (TTE®). These bricks are part of the TTE® Paving system, which provides a sustainable reinforcement solution for traffic, making auxiliary surfaces suitable for use.

Features and benefits of the TTE® Paving Bricks:

  • Permanently water permeable and breathable due to a high number of joints and large pore volumes
  • Reduced sub-base depths compared to conventional block paving, due to better load distribution
  • Shear forces on the TTE® units are minimised making the surface suitable for regular HGV traffic
  • Different colours allow graphics to be included in the surface or demarcation of parking places
  • Blocks can be combined with grass and gravel filled areas

TTE® Installation Mesh

TTE® Installation Mesh is a laying aid for the rapid and clean positioning of the TTE® pavers. Laying the mesh prevents pieces of the bedding material from finding its way between the joints of the TTE® pavers, optimising the laying performance by forming a separating layer. The mesh is highly permeable and will allow grass roots to pass through. Overlap by 30 – 50 cm when laying, normal geotextiles are not suitable.

Features of TTE® Installation Mesh:

  • A quick installation process
  • Forms a separating layer
  • Keeps joints free from bedding material
  • Allows grass to grow through naturally



Geosynthetics Limited employs a team of specialists in a range of areas such as grass protection and tree root protection in order to give customers the best possible advice. Solutions can be built using the in-house Civil Engineers which consider site specific requirements such as poor soil condition and weight limits. Please contact our Grass Protection Team on 01455 617139 or email