Turfmesh Grass Reinforcement

Turfmesh is a range of extruded plastic grass reinforcement products ideal for use in the landscaping, leisure and educational sectors. Being flexible Turfmesh can be laid onto existing or newly laid turf and reduces ground rutting and grass damage. This makes it a practical solution for overspill car parks and access routes through grass fields.

Beginning with Turfmesh 1 in green HD polyethylene for light applications followed by Turfmesh 2, 3 and 4. The higher grades increase in thickness and tensile strength to suit a range of applications. They also combine a swept green HD polyethylene pattern for strength with a brown EVA foam to provide traction and reduce slipping.

All grades are UV stable, resistant to chemicals and can be enhanced with parking markers to identify parking bays and access routes.

The grade of mesh and application will depend on the ground conditions, frequency of use and types of vehicle using the surface. Some examples are listed below but please call our office to discuss individual requirements.


Application by Grade:


Turfmesh 1:

  • Lawn protection
  • Embankment stabilisation
  • Anti-ball plugging mesh on Golf Driving Ranges

Turfmesh 2:

  • Regular pedestrian use
  • Wheelchair access
  • Emergency access LGV only
  • Occasional car parking

Turfmesh 3:

  • Heavy pedestrian use
  • Occasional LGV use
  • Regular overflow car parking

Turfmesh 4:

  • Heavily used overflow car parks
  • Occasional HGV


CBR results should be a minimum of 6% or higher for all applications in all weather conditions. Ground should be free draining.

If you would like more information or for site specific project design information please call our sales department on 01455 617139