Interlock Biaxial Geogrids

Interlock is a biaxial extruded polypropylene geogrid. Interlock geogrids are designed for soil stabilisation and reinforcement applications. The installation of Interlock within the granular material will increase sub base performance and bearing capacity and reduce the thickness of the granular layers.

Interlock biaxial geogrids feature consistently high tensile strength and modulus, excellent resistance to installation damage, chemical attack and environmental exposure. As a rigid extruded material the Interlock geogrid range benefits from excellent junction strength and the superior performance associated with a rigid monolithic construction. High tensile strengths are mobilised at low strains.
Interlock geogrids are available in a various biaxial configuration and can also be supplied as a composite material laminated to a non woven geotextile in the form of Interlock 30G.


For more information on Interlock or to arrange for a technical recommendation please contact our Engineering Team on 01455 617139.