Aquablock® GS & EP Liner

The Aquablock® GS & EP Geomembranes are cured single-ply synthetic rubber membranes made of ethylenepropylene-diene terpolymer (EPDM) . They are available in a variety of thickness and panel sizes.

Depending on the dimensions of the liner, the liner may be seamless. In other situations, seams can be made using a self-adhesive tape and primer system. We can provide single sheets up to 40m x 40m and ditch liners up to 100m long.

Aquablock® GS EPDM Geomembrane is specifically designed for decorative pond applications. It is commercialized under the trade name Aquablock® due to its specific formulation and production process, only the Aquablock®membrane is guaranteed to be compatible with aquatic life in accordance with the testing reports published by the Water Research Centre in the UK.

Aquablock® Characteristics:

The Aquablock® Geomembrane is a rubber material with the following properties:

Aquablock® Physical:

  • Elastomeric membrane with a good combination of high elasticity and tensile strength
  • Water-resistant
  • Temperature stable from -40°C to 130°C
  • Retains its elasticity at low temperature and resists to temperature shocks up to 250°C.
  • Excellent resistance to alkali rains, less resistant to oil products. Contact with some kind of oils, petroleum products, hot bitumen and grease must be avoided
  • Excellent resistance to U.V. radiation and ozone concentration

Note: Special panel sizes are available upon request.


Take care when moving, transporting or handling to avoid sources of punctures and physical damage. Isolate waste products, such as petroleum, greases, oils (mineral and vegetable) and animal fats from Geomembrane.

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