No1 Tree Root Protection

Cellweb® TRP – The No.1 Tree Root Protection System

Cellweb® TRP is the only established cellular confinement system specifically designed and independently tested for tree root protection applications. The unique cell size, cell depth and cell wall perforations combine to create the market leading tree root protection system.

Being a no-dig solution Cellweb® TRP ensures that the loads placed upon it are laterally dissipated rather than transferred to the soil and roots below. The walls of the cells are perforated and when combined with the infill of clean angular stone, enable free movement of water and oxygen, ensuring that nutrient supplies to the tree roots are maintained.

Cellweb® Tree Root Protection System complies with BS5837:2012, APN 12 and tree preservation order (TPO) guidelines.  It is also recommended and adopted for use in root protection areas (RPA’s) by councils all over the UK.

Cellweb® TRP can also be used in conjunction with our Treetex geotextile. Treetex is a heavy-duty needle punched non-woven geotextile fleece manufactured from polypropylene. Treetex is ideal for use in the tree root protection system as it is easily moulded to the shape of the aggregates used in the pavement and does not form a plane of weakness in the pavement construction. Elvidege and Raymond (1999) found that the greater the mass per unit area of a geotextile the less it is likely to be damaged.  The Treetex is unlikely to be damaged by the traffic loads it will be subjected to.

Cellweb® TRP - Heatht tree 1

Benefits of our Cellweb® TRP System

  • Independently tested
  • Established since 1998
  • Prevents sub soil compaction
  • Complies with BS:5837:2012, Tree Preservation Orders (TPO’s) and APN 12
  • Full technical support from our internal and external Tree Root Protection Team
  • Free of charge guarantee
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Technical Recommendations can be provided from our team of fully qualified Civil Engineers

Cellweb® TRP - Heathly Tree

Applications of our Cellweb® TRP System

  • Car Parks and Over-spill Parking
  • Paved and Unpaved Roads
  • Permanent Solutions Over Tree Root Protection Areas
  • Site Access Routes
  • Temporary Working Areas
  • Tree Preservation Orders (TPO’s)


Long Term Testing…

At Geosynthetics Ltd we take great pride in providing our customers with not only an outstanding product but also an excellent service.

In 2015 Geosynthetics Limited began a project to investigate the long-term effects of Cellweb® TRP on the vitality of trees subject to historic installations. The aim is to run a programme of tree vitality assessments prior to installation and with ongoing annual assessments thereafter. This will provide a body of observational data and photographic evidence that Cellweb® TRP maintains the physiological and biological wellbeing of the trees subject to the construction of new hard surfaces within their RPA’s.


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