New Brochure – Foundation Solutions for Temporary and Permanent Works

Our technical and engineering teams provide a key customer service – they are responsible for the production of our detailed analyses, Technical Recommendations (TRs), and application specific AutoCAD drawings.

By having access to both bespoke and internationally recognised methods of analysis, we can provide site specific solutions for your civil engineering projects. We will also collaborate with our industry partners to produce hybrid proposals, that combine our geosynthetic products and their geotechnical system solutions.

Our services extend beyond our doorstep – our team of experts are qualified to take our solutions to site, to share industry best practice and guidance during all of the pre-construction, enabling, main construction, in-service and maintenance phases.

We welcome your engagement, collaboration and partnership with Geosynthetics Limited, to help you achieve the most efficient solutions, based on your site-specific needs, supporting national and global, social and sustainability strategies.

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Foundation Solutions for Temporary and Permanent Works Brochure [08.06.2022]