Pond Liners

When installing any pond, there are many factors that will influence your choice of liners. Consideration must be given to the size, gradients, capacity, required aesthetic finish, method and time of year installation is taking place when choosing a liner. Geosynthetics offers a range of lining solutions which accommodate for all of the above criteria.

Bentotex® is a Bentonite Clay Liner made up of sodium bentonite clay held together in a sandwich of non-woven and woven geotextiles. When hydrated, unconfined bentonite can swell to 15 times its dry value and can self-heal when punctured making this a fantastic choice for a long lasting solution which does not require specialist welding.

The Aquablock® range consists of a range of membrane types including HDPE, LLDPE, PP, PVC, Butyl and EPDM liners. A traditional method to pond lining; the Aquablock® HM, LM & PP range incorporates high quality polymers to create high strength products. Aquablock® EP and GS ranges can be provided in a range of custom cut sizes perfect to minimise waste and reduce joints required.

When joint welding is inevitable Geosynthetics sister company Stormwater Management Limited offers the full welding solution in the form of a total package price for supply and installation of a liner.  Stormwater’s installation team are Construction Line registered and work closely with Geosynthetics sales team ensuring the best possible results for each project. For more information on how Stormwater Management can assist in your project please contact 01455 502222 or visit www.storm-water.co.uk.

For more information on Geosynthetics pond lining solutions or to get a quote today please call 01455 617139 or email sales@geosyn.co.uk.

Benefits of using Geosynthetics Pond Liners:

  • Wide Range of types and sizes available
  • Geosynthetics Clay Liners available
  • Large one piece EP & GS liners made to size
  • Extensive experience
  • Close ties with expert installers
  • Free educational seminars