Trinter Erosion Control Matting

Trinter is an erosion control netting made of strong polyethylene and polypropylene. It offers permanent protection against soil erosion from the moment it is installed.

Easy to use, very strong and durable with a high resistance to degradation, Trinter can be used on all kinds of slopes. Easily rolled out and pinned onto the slope, it traps newly laid soil and seed, preventing it from being washed or blown away.

Trinter allows germination to take place, encouraging vegetation to flourish. Within several months the root system becomes interlaced with the Trinter, stabilising the top layer and allowing a stronger, deeper root system to establish itself over time.

The attractive green vegetation not only reinforces the slope but enhances its’ appearance and results in a healthy green environment. It is ideally suited to demanding applications such as very steep slopes and areas subject to high water flows.

Construction Properties:

  • Cost effective solution
  • Superior soil retention capability
  • High quality strong and durable
  • Rot proof and lightweight
  • Easily adapts to most slopes
  • Effective protection from installation
  • Easy to install


  • Road and motorways
  • Railway cuts and fills
  • River bank and channels
  • Irrigation canals
  • Reservoir embankments
  • Dams and lagoons
  • Grassed spillways
  • Culvert inlets and outfalls
  • Golf courses and lawns

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