Knotblock® Knotweed Barrier

Knotblock® is a Japanese Knotweed barrier that complies fully with the knotweed code of practice document released by the Environmental Agency.

Geosynthetics Knotblock® provides high mechanical strength due to the high quality raw material used and can, therefore, be laid easily without creasing. It is manufactured in large roll sizes, to minimise seam jointing as recommended in the Environment Agency’s code of practice document. Where joints are needed they provide excellent weld quality which can be assured in short term peeling and shear tests.

The product has been tested for microbiological resistance, as well as for resistance to rodents and roots. Due to the chemical structure – polyethylene macromolecules – it provides superior resistance against puncture and deformation from roots.

Knotblock® will not cause any harm to the environment as it contains no plasticizers, fillers, micro biocides or other substances which could be leached out by substances in soil, water or produced by roots.

In the situation where the soils are ‘normal’ i.e.; not at the extreme alkali or acid end of the scale, the projected lifespan of the product has been corroborated by laboratory testing showing Oxidative Induction Time of a minimum of 100min which equates to a lifespan of at least 100 years. In addition the Notch Constant Tensile Load is fully compliant with the stringent GM13 landfill guidance and it also provides excellent UV-resistance and can, therefore, be used in uncovered applications.


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