Aquablock® PE & PP
Water Containment Liners

AquaBlock HDPE, LLDPE & PP

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Aquablock GS® & EP
Pond Liners

AquaBlock GS & EP

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Carbonblock HM
Hydrocarbon Barrier

CarbonBlock HM

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Knotblock® KM
Knotweed Barrier

KnotBlock KM

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Root Barrier


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VoltBlock DEM
Di-electric Barrier

VoltBlock DEM

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Geomembranes have proven to be far more effective than traditional products such as concrete, asphalt and compacted clay. They display a wide range of physical, mechanical and chemical resistance properties protecting our environment and water resources.
Geosynthetic containment systems are less susceptible to ground movement and are now considered the more economical and safest method to install in the majority of applications.
Geosynthetics Limited has put together the largest and most comprehensive range of geomembranes available today.

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