Gas Barriers and Venting

Building regulations require that proper precautions are taken to prevent danger to health and safety caused by the ingress of harmful gasses into buildings. Gases such as Radon, Methane and CO2 being the main culprits.

Geosynthetics Limited provides a number of solutions that prevent gas migrating into the building / structure, from simple gas membranes to a total active or passive venting and membrane system.

The selection of the correct system is determined by the gas regime, venting requirement and building design. The selection of the system components depends on the building and floor slab design. This requires specialist knowledge to ensure the appropriate system is designed correctly. Geosynthetics in conjunction with a leading environmental consultant provide a full package solution from design through to installation of the selected system.

We have available a full range of gas membranes to suit all types of contaminated land conditions. Our vent system comprises of a Duodrain Geocomposite drainage system placed in either strips or as a complete blanket depending on the gas regime.

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