Envirogrid Slope Stabilisation

Envirogrid is a three-dimensional cellular confinement system manufactured from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) strips that are ultrasonically welded together to create a strong, lightweight expandable panel.

Initially developed by the US Army Corps of Engineers to construct unpaved roads over weak ground, Envirogrid dramatically improves the performance of infill materials across a range of applications. Envirogrid confines and reinforces vegetation on steep slopes by increasing the soils natural resistance to erosion and protects the root zone layer during germination.

Its’ unique hoop strength and interconnecting cell walls form a durable composite mattress that can be filled with common materials. The perforated cell walls encourage lateral drainage and frictional interlock, increasing the structural performance of the system. Envirogrid is the ideal solution for the most demanding load support and erosion control applications.

Green faced retaining walls can be constructed using Envirogrid, forming a more aesthetically sympathetic solution for retaining applications. Extremely versatile and adaptable, Envirogrid provides effective and economical solutions in a wide variety of applications including ground stabilisation, slope protection, retaining walls and channels.


  • Slopes
  • Channels
  • Vegetative soil filled channel
  • Aggregate filled channel
  • Concrete filled channel
  • Embankments
  • Retaining walls
  • River banks

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